Septic Fields

Fish Hawk Freightways offers septic field installation services on Lake of the Woods.  We are licensed by the Ontario Health Unit and all of our septic fields are inspected by a Health Inspector once the field is installed.  This gives our clients the assurance that the field was installed properly and their property is now in compliance with Provincial health regulations.

For commercial septic fields follow a similar health inspection process but with the Ministry of Environment for federal jurisdictions.


Septic Field Installation Process

If you are considering having a septic field installed, this is the process that Fish Hawk Freightways uses:

1) First, we will come to your property to perform a basic visual inspection.  The size and profile of your land will allow us to tell you if a field is possible on your site and if so what the options for placement are.

2) Once we have a preliminary septic field, we will bring out the Health Inspector to your site and discuss the installation plan with them.   This ensures that the size and placement of the field is acceptable to the Health Unit.

3) Next we will complete an application for a septic field permit on your behalf and submit it to the Health Unit.  Once approved we will begin work on the field.

4) We will clear the trees and brush on your property to make room for the field.  We will dig out the site with a backhoe and prepare it to have the sand brought in.

5) All the sand will be hauled to your site on our barge.  We will also install the septic tank and septic pipes inside the sand and connect the pump tank (if needed).

6) Before the septic pipes are covered with sand, we bring the Health Inspector back to your property for final inspection.  This ensures your field was installed according to code.

7) Septic pipes are all covered with sand, the terrain is leveled, and grass is planted on top of the field.

8) You receive your septic field certification in the mail from the Health Unit shortly after.

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