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Barging and hauling to remote locations with our transportable barges

The summer of 2015 is off to a great start.  We have had a lot of interest in using or mobile barges for work projects in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba.  A lot of the calls we receive are regarding how much the barges can haul and what are the requirements to use this service.  IMG_0411

The barges are each 10 feet wide by 40 feet long.  This allow them to be stacked one on top of the other on a standard low bed trailer and transported on the highway.  To load and unload the barges at the job site you will require a crane.

Once assembled they form a single barge deck of 20ft x 40ft which can be used to move backhoes, dump trucks, drill rigs, skidders, etc.  Gross hauling capacity is approx 70,000 lbs.  We push the barge with a tug boat that has two 90 hp outboards on it.  This allows for great maneuverability with the barge, and also a fast work boat to transfer workers and supplies to the job site.


Although we primarily work in Ontario and Manitoba, the barges can be transported to any location including Saskatchewan and Alberta.  if you need a barge for a isolated or remote lake or body of water, call us today and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Septic Field season is coming to an end

It has been a busy summer on Lake of the Woods for septic field installations.  Many property owners find that when they buy a property the septic system is not up to date (or non existent).   If you are planning on putting in a new field next summer we encourage you to contact us as we are already taking bookings for next season. IMG_0004